The Alderdale Barrier Seat

The Alderdale Barrier Seat


All seater stadia law introduced in top two tiers of English football


Barrier seats introduced in first existing Premier League ground


Alderdale Barrier Seats installed in Molineux’s Jack Hayward stand


Signatures calling on Government to discuss issue of standing at matches

The problems with persistent standing

Despite the law currently preventing any form of standing in the top two tiers of English football, fans continue to do so at grounds up and down the country, leading to a number of potential hazards.

Why Barrier seating?

Barrier seats bring a number of benefits, including increased safety in areas where persistent standing is an issue.

Leading the pack in stadium seating


The Alderdale Barrier Seat is first and foremost a tried and tested seat design that architects, contractors, facility operators, clubs and spectators throughout the country are familiar with. It is a classic product reimagined to incorporate a barrier to provide safer seating for those areas where persistent standing has become an issue.

The Alderdale Barrier Seat is compliant with the 6th edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds specifications for seats incorporating barriers. At Alderdale Seating, we manufacture and assemble all of our products – including the Barrier Seat – at our Midlands base, providing the highest standards expected of British Manufacturing.

Our years or experience and expertise of the stadium seating industry enables us to fulfil the requirement and demands of clubs and stadia policy.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC became the first Premier League club to install the Barrier seat into an existing stadium – and they teamed up with Alderdale Seating to make it happen.

Alderdale has manufactured and installed more than 5,500 Barrier seats in Molineux’s Jack Hayward Stand as part of the club’s forward-thinking approach to addressing the issue of persistent standing in seated areas.

Whilst current government policy prevents any form of standing in the top two tiers of English football, the latest edition of the SGSA’s Green Guide contains guidelines on the ue of ‘seats incorporating barriers’ and ‘seats with independent barriers’.

As a West Midlands company that designs, manufactures and installs its products in-house, we are proud to have been chosen to lead the pack in football stadium seating.

“We are delighted with our fantastic new barrier seats, provided by Alderdale Seating. They worked tirelessly during the installation process to ensure that disruption was kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the installation of these seats effectively addresses the safety related issues of persistent standing and future proofs Molineux. Should the Government change the laws, we will be 100% ready for use as a formal safe standing area in future.”

Stephen Sutton, Wolves FC
Head of Operations

Frame Design

  • A self tipping seat ring, incorporated within a frame with handrail (passed through laser cut slots) and can be either Linked, Individual, Riser or Tread Fixed
  • Frame Finishes options: Galvanised, Colour Coated or Galvanised and Colour Coated
  • 50 X 25 X 3mm RHS to BS 5950-1 BS EN 10210-2
  • Handrail Tube to BS EN 10025 5355/5275
  • Mild Steel Parts to BS EN 10025-2 5275/5255
  • Solid Bar to EN 10025 5275


Seat Design

  • Injection Moulded Polypropylene AML Seat and Back to combine flexibility, strength and comfort
  • UV stabilisers to inhibit significant colour fade and degradation as standard
  • A range of seven standard colours are available as are colour matching services to BS/RAL and Pantone references
  • Recessed number disc receptacle




The issue of supporters persistently standing in seating areas is one that affects all-seater football stadia up and down the country and threatens to compromise the safety of fans on match days.​

Whilst the law currently prevents any form of standing in the top two tiers of English football, the fact is that fans continue to do so.This creates a huge problem for clubs.

Seated areas do not contain any of the design and safety features required to accommodate a standing crowd, leading to a number of potential hazards.

​Addressing this issue in its latest Green Guide, The SGSA contains guidelines on the use of ‘seats incorporating barriers’ and ‘seats with independent barriers’.

​With huge support from fans, clubs are now looking at how their stadiums can be future-proofed for any potential changes to the current all-seater legislation.

  • Increased safety measures in seated areas where persistent standing – and its associated risks – has become an issue
  • A more orderly egress and reduced congestion to vomitories/gangways
  • Improved visual monitoring of supporters
  • Enhanced fan experience
  • Increased capacity
  • Future-proofing for any changes to the current all-seater stadium policy
  • Improved relationship between the club and fans





We design.
We manufacture.
We install.

We are proud that we are a stadium seating company that is able to provide the complete package, in-house, from start to finish. As a West Midlands based British manufacturer, we source all of our materials in the UK and are able to manufacture and deliver our products and bespoke designs quickly.

The seat types we manufacture are installed in the majority of stadia, leisure centres and arenas across the UK and worldwide.

As well as ensuring consistency of supply, we can provide replacement steel working, plastics, fixings and accessories for ant existing installations. As all of our products are produced in the UK, spares are readily available.

Our Alderdale Barrier seating is compliant with the SGSA’s latest Green Guide.

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